Opportunities to improve your matric results?

Completing high school is a huge step forward, but comes with a lot of pressure and sometimes unexpected disappointments.  This is a dilemma many school-leavers face, however second chances do exist!

Here are some options to improve matric subject’s or obtain better marks to get into tertiary studies:

Supplementary Exam
The supplementary exam also known as the Second Chance Programme is designed by the Department of Basic Education, to assist learner’s who have either failed, want to rewrite subjects with low marks or improve an APS score to gain tertiary admission.  To register for this programme, go to the Department of Basic Education website or email:  SecondChange@dbe.gov.za

Recheck or Remark
This is a process whereby an exam paper gets rechecked or remarked by an examiner.  For a recheck an examiner will relook at your answers for a second time, to ensure that you were given fair marks; and for a remark the examiner will go through the entire paper.  To apply, register at the South African e-services portal and click on the Education icon.  The cost is R29 per exam to recheck and R120 per subject for a remark.

Matric Upgrade/Rewrite Programme
To improve results in specific subjects, consider the following options:  Matric College, Star Schools, Skills Academy, Master Maths, Elroi Academy, Damelin, or any TVET or College.

Redo Matric
Redo grade 12 at an alternative school such as Abbotts College, or an online school:  IVA Global School, Hatfield Online School, Curro Online, Koa Academy, Evolve Online School, IMPAQ or Teneo.

Passing grade 12 with higher marks, is possible if you commit enough to your studies!