Job shadowing

help make informed career choices

Job shadowing gives learners the opportunity to observe and participate in specific tasks associated with a career they may be interested in.

Unemployment, scarce skills, STEAM careers and entrepreneurship are many of the words our youth will hear when entering the job market and although there is no magic formula to dictate the right career path, job shadowing is a CRITICAL part of making good career choices.

Far too often kids will say they want to do a job because it sounds cool, without understanding the specific key performance areas of that job.  We talk to learners who say “ I want to be a Sports Psychologist or Physiotherapist” and when asking why, the answer will invariably be, “ because I like sport!”

Our youth must understand the skills and jobs of the future and prepare themselves for skill shortages, in order to play a key role in the talent of our country.  While remembering that a person needs to love the job they do in order to be successful.

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